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Latent AGV;Magnetic Navigation AGV

Release day:2019-03-19
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  The latent AGV unmanned vehicle has the characteristics of high safety performance, powerful handling function and no manual participation. It can make the internal logistics of production well organized. Mircolomay latent AGV (model: I-SO VVVX500) can work 24 hours uninterruptedly, which not only shortens the overall logistics time, but also greatly improves the overall work efficiency. The Latent AGV, lurking under the material trolley, using electric lifting rod hook and towing the trolley to the designated position, AGV unmanned vehicle automatically separated from the trolley, and then drilled under the empty trolley and towing away.

Know more about Mircolomay AGV:https://www.i-so.com.cn/en/Catalogue/

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