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Magnetic Navigation AGV with lifting

Release day:2019-04-17
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  Lifting AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) has the characteristics of good stability, small space occupation and high capacity. Mircolomay AGV (model: HY-500) lifting mechanism is in the middle of the body, so that the driving wheel of AGV is balanced, and the mechanism is more stable in the lifting process. The HY-500 lifting AGV trolley lifts 500 kg of cargo and carries the cargo on moving and running continuously for more than 8 hours. The lifting device lifts the cargo frame or rack to transport it to the designated location and automatically unloading and leaves, to realize a variety of flexible handling needs.

Know more about HY-500 lifting AGV: https://www.i-so.com.cn/en/MagneticAGV/84.html

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