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TG-2000 magnetic navigation AGV

Release day:2020-05-11
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  TG-2000 is a heavy-duty AGV trolley developed by Mircolomay, it mainly used for the transportation of heavy goods in the factory workshop, can towing up to 2 tons of material truck. TG-2000 magnetic navigation AGV trolley is suitable for mechanical assembly of large heavy duty workpieces and is widely used in heavy duty machinery plants, iron and steel metallurgy, large voltage plant, heavy duty automobile manufacturing plants and other industries.

  TG-2000 magnetic AGV can automatically sneak into the bottom of the material rack, automatically hook and unhook,to realize automatic intelligent logistics handling operation, which can effectively improve the level of intelligent logistics handling in heavy load field, reduce labor intensity, and improve the production efficiency of enterprises.TG-2000 AGV is applied with multiple safety obstacle avoidance system, which is safe and reliable, can ensure the safety of staff and machine to the maximum extent, and realize the harmonious coexistence of man-machine.

  TG-2000 magnetic navigation AGV uses intelligent control system, can customize the position name; the operation interface design is simple and easy to understand, so that the staff can easily operate without training, targeted open part of the port and support third-party to facilitate integrated development, intelligent scheduling seamless docking MES/WMS/ERP system, realize the unity of enterprise production logistics and information flow, open the whole intelligent factory data chain.


Guide Method

    Magnetic navigation

Driving Method

    Dual-way differential driving

Load Capacity


Product Size


Driving speed

    0-25m/min (adjustable)

Minimum turning radius


Stop accuracy


Continuous working time

    Continuous working hours > 16 hours ( Intelligent automatic charging)

Security feature

    Mechanical anti-collision,Photoelectric anti-collision,Barrier sensor,Emergency switch

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