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XK-1000 Laser Forklift AGV(Load 1000KG)

Release day:2019-11-11
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  XK-1000 laser AGV is a newly developed forklift type trackless navigation AGV for handling , unloading materials and goods, which can quickly and easily realize unmanned forklift operation.

  XK-1000 laser forklift AGV is small size but large capacity. It can match any size of pallets to realize automatic loading and unloading. XK-1000 laser forklift AGV is a leading technology in the industry with high positioning accuracy and practicability. It can locate and navigate independently while driving, identify the passage and site location automatically. It also can build virtual map and plan path automatically and make effective response.

forklift agv

  XK-1000 has unique double protection technology that can flexibly deal with material handling in large cargo terminals, warehouses, factories and other environments, fundamentally replacing manual operations, improving storage and handling efficiency, and reducing enterprise costs.

  XK-1000 laser forklift AGV implementation is simple and easy, without any construction and external equipment. It adopts Windows intelligent interactive system, which allows users to operate easily without training, and is designed with open ports and third-party commands for easy integration. It also provides many optional user-friendly features such as voice, remote calling etc.

XK-1000 laser forklift AGV 

Guide Method

    Laser navigation (Trackless navigation)

Driving Method

    Integrated differential drive

Load Capacity


Product Size


Driving Speed

    45m/min (Adjustable speed)

Minimum Turning Radius

    0mm (pivot steering)

Stop Accuracy


Continuous Working Hours

    Continuous working hours >12 hours (Manual charging)

Safety Features

    Photoelectric anti-collision & Obstacle SensorEmergency switch 
forklift agv
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