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MC-200 Omni-directional Laser Navigation AGV

Release day:2019-03-07
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    The MC-200 is an omni-directional trackless laser navigation AGV which specially designed for the transportation industry such as factory and logistics, and it supports application development.

  The MC-200 has been endowed with new function, that is, it can move in any direction from the current position, forward, backward, left and right transverse move, oblique move and rotate freely. It is suitable for the workshop, warehouse, plant etc. that with limited space. It also can coordinate with warehouse ERP system for automatic screening and sorting operations, so as to greatly improve the transportation efficiency and space utilization rate, as well as reducing human cost, which is a great break through to the traditional material transportation.

  The MC-200 is ready to use out of box and does not require any construction and peripheral equipment. It adopts Windows10 intelligent interactive system, which allows users to operate easily without training, and is designed with open ports and third-party commands for easy integration. It also provides many optional user-friendly features such as voice, remote calling etc.

MC-200 Omni-directional Laser Navigation AGV

Guide Method

    Laser navigation (Trackless navigation)

Driving Method

    Four wheel differential drive

Load Capacity


Product Size


Driving Speed

    150m/min (Stepless speed)

Minimum Turning Radius

    0mm (pivot steering)

Stop Accuracy


Continuous Working Hours

    >32 hours (Intelligent automatic charging)

Safety Features

    Mechanical anti-collision & Photoelectric anti-collisionBarrier sensor & Emergency switch (Automatic collision avoidance, Automatic path finding)


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