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Magnetic Tape AGV
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VVX500 one-way magnetic navigation AGV(500KG)

Release day:2019-11-11
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  I-SO VVX500 is a lurking unidirectional AGV(one-way AGV) that designed for general manufacturing, it can automatic docking with tooling fixture and other material vehicle.

  I-SO VVX500 can be used for lurking and towing to delivery standard materials vehicle automatically at fixed site. It has the function of fault self-test and can easily realize remote technical support and malfunction overhaul. It leads into multiple application ports and humanized interface make customers easier to operate the control system. This model has got a number of patents for the multiple obstacle avoidance system, to ensure the safety of person at utmost.

Product parameter

Guide Method

    Magnetic tape guidance

Driving Method

    Dual-wheel differemtial driving

Load Capacity




Driving speed

    0-60m/min(Adjustable 3 speed)

Minimum turning radius


Stop accuracy


Continuous working time

    >48 hours(Depending on battery capacity)

Security features

    Mechanical anti-collision device; Obstacles sensor;Emergency switch


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