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Magnetic Tape AGV
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TG-500 Towing type magnetic navigation AGV(1500KG)

Release day:2019-11-11
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  TG-500 AGV is a towing unmanned handling vehicle which designed by MircoLomay for Material delivery. It uses its unique device to dock with other tooling to achieve material transportation, also its back can transport the materials. It is a multiple function magnetic guidance AGV mainly for towing and assist for loading.

  TG-500 AGV mainly used for carry large and heavy materials, the most traction can up to 1.5T.It uses the magnetic guidance and intelligent system to meet high precision positioning and efficient delivery.

  TG-500 is made of high strength aluminum alloy to protect the vehicle, the design of body and operation screen make it more humanized. You can customize site name and operate easily. And it is designed with open ports and third-party commands for easy integration.

TG-500 Towing type magnetic navigation AGV

Guide Method

    Magnetic tape guidance(RFID site control)

Driving Method

    Dual-wheel differential driving

Load Capacity

    1.5T(Customizable 3T)



Driving speed

    0-30m/min(Adjustable 3 speed)

Minimum turning radius


Stop accuracy


Continuous working time

    >16 hours

Security features

    Mechanical anti-collision device; Obstacles sensor;Emergency switch


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