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It’s important for us to ensure the security of AGV system

Release day:2018-12-14
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  The security of AGV system is very important to us. At the beginning of planning the AGV project, we should take the security of the AGV system into account.

  Generally, AGV is much safer than manual operation. The obstacle detection sensor makes AGV stop safely before encountering obstacles. In order to ensure safety, the loading weight should not exceed the AGV , and the goods should be in the correct and safe position.AGV central control system dispatches AGV vehicles, completes tasks, and unifies the command of AGV vehicle traffic to avoid vehicle collision, while automatically managing vehicle charging, and completes communication with peripheral equipment and input and output work. When the AGV car is in an abnormal situation, an alarm will be issued. The relevant workers can know that the AGV car is in an abnormal state and rush to remove the abnormal state.

  Pallet loading and unloading is one of the most common applications of Mircolomay AGV car. The automatic movement of the AGV carrying tray makes the operation of the warehouse more smoothly. The extensive use of standardized pallets will be conducive to pallet assembly unit, and will be conducive to connecting the dimensions of shelves, logistics equipment, transport vehicles and containers, thus promoting the development of logistics palletization, reducing logistics costs and improving logistics efficiency. Through AGV automatic pallet delivery application, warehouse reduces product damage while minimizing labor costs and redistributing labor to more valuable tasks.

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