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Automated guided vehicle(AGV) Application in Food Industry

Release day:2018-12-14
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  In the automatic production line, AGV trolley can carry out the handling operation automatically, safely and efficiently, and can deal with any handling link in the production process very efficiently. AGV trolley is also suitable for the production of food industry with high requirements for clean environment.

  In food warehouses, lurking AGV transport shelves are very suitable for automatic loading and unloading materials in unmanned workshops. AGV unloads raw materials from the shelves, delivers them to the production line, transports the work pieces being processed, loads or unloads batch sterilizers, and stores the finished products. From palletizes to stretch packers, stretch packers to storage or transportation, empty pallets to palletizers, packaging materials to use points, the AGV system can handle any routine handling operations, including Trailer loading of finished products.

  The application of Mircolomay AGV in beverage factories. In a beverage factory, Mircolomay AGV is responsible for the whole factory's product handling. The AGV vehicle with double drums is adopted in the project, which can seamlessly dock with the assembly line. Double-layer drum AGV trolley with special feeding and unloading equipment automatically rotates at the same speed as the feeding and unloading equipment on the production line, realizing the function of automatic feeding and recycling finished products to the warehouse at the same time. Double-deck drum AGV can easily and quickly recover empty boxes without manual intervention, automatically exchange full boxes and empty boxes, and staff need not carry heavy materials.

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