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What can unmanned AGV system bring to manufacturing industry

Release day:2018-12-21
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  Unmanned handling AGV can replace the traditional forklift truck and trailer to carry out automated material transportation, so that the material handling task can be accomplished efficiently, accurately and flexibly. In order to reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the number of workers, save labor costs, and improve the automation of handling. For AGV many people are not unfamiliar, large and small companies can see it, then no one to carry the AGV system can bring to the manufacturing industry what benefits? As a mature AGV manufacturer , Mircolomay summarized a few points:

  1. Economic Benefit: An AGV car can generally complete the workload of three people and forklift trucks, which is equivalent to saving the wages of three workers. In addition, the AGV car can work continuously 24 hours, the benefit is more than 20% higher than that of manual work, the economic benefit is very obvious! Industrial automation is already be a trend.

  2. Humanistic Benefit: People-oriented is to consider the health, needs and development of employees while ensuring the profits of enterprises. Using AGV cart instead of workers working in harsh environment (such as harmful substances, high heat, low temperature, radiation) can liberate people from dangerous positions such as dirty, dangerous and toxic radiation.

  3.Management benefits: AGV automatic driving does not need manual driving, failure will self-check, intelligent scheduling of AGV system can make AGV work in an orderly manner, while avoiding AGV collision and traffic jam in the working process, so personnel management benefits have improved a grade.

  Mircolomay AGV has good flexibility, high level of automation and intellectualization, and is widely used in the field of electronics and other industries. Mircolomay driverless AGV system can be customized according to the needs of customers, maximize labor costs for enterprises, and bring high efficiency, which is also the main reason why most users choose us. Mircolomay also provide AGV solutions and industrial robot applications according to customer’s needs, welcome to contact us free about robot industriel to improve your manufacturing and business.

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