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Intelligent AGV System to Build Flexible Logistics System(1)

Release day:2019-03-08
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  How can I-SO intelligent AGV system integrate into ERP to build flexible logistics system? Seamless integration of ERP system, automatic storage system and AGV transport system will improve the modularization, automation, intelligence and simplification of enterprise management.As we know, ERP enterprise resource planning management system reflects the advanced nature of enterprise management. It expands the integrated management information function of MRP, breaks away from the boundary of traditional enterprises, and optimizes the resources of enterprises from the scope of supply chain. It is a new generation of information system based on the era of network economy. The logistics management system adopts the MRP management thought of the manufacturing industry, and effectively realizes the modern basic financial management and human resource management system through FMIS, such as budget management, business evaluation, management accounting and A cost collection method.

  How can I-SO intelligent AGV system make good use of enterprise's existing ERP logistics module to expand its functions and maximize the value? Firstly, we can make full use of the advanced warehouse management system of ERP and the data of various resource management systems in the manufacturing process to make full use of the execution power of AGV in terminal logistics transportation.
1.) Use AGV to lifting transfer or feeder machine manipulator automatically material with RFID tags placed directly on the AGV bodywork, I-SO intelligent AGV weighs automatically through a precise pressure pipe piercing device (the error can be 0.001 g, the conventional error can be 10 g). It can automatically sort the products with leaky packaging or over-limit defects through the maximum approximation and send them to the automatic warehouse.

2) AGV system carries out relevant pre-processing by acquiring ERP material property, weight and other parameters. After determining the production demand according to the actual production of ERP production module, it timely sends the relevant quantity data demand to the AGV central data control center and the three-dimensional automatic storage system.

3)AGV central dispatching center will immediately arrange the AGV robot to arrive at the parking position designated by the automatic storage system after receiving the ERP demand, and automatically check the non-contact materials through RFID tags or bar codes, and then weigh and sort them again.

4.) When AGV acquires the weighing check correctly, the material is automatically transported to the designated position according to the ERP work order instruction. After the AGV is automatically unloaded by lifting, transferring or towing, the AGV body pressure sensor detects the successful unloading and sends the finished feeding signal to the AGV central control dispatching system. The AGV central dispatching system sends the completed task confirmation status signal back to the ERP system.
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