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Intelligent AGV System to Build Flexible Logistics System(2)

Release day:2019-03-08
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Based on the application of I-SO intelligent AGV system, Networked Automatic Warehousing System and ERP material management system, the integrated system of material allocation, inspection, receiving and transportation in production process can be perfectly realized, which lays a solid foundation for further improving productivity and future development. The deep integration of AGV flexible production line system will easily realize full automation, full intelligence and error-free. By simplifying and modularizing the complex material management and production management, we can imagine that AGV will be loaded with finished products one by one, to help manufacturing saves money, time and labor.

The advantages of i-so intelligent AGV system and ERP integration:

1. Reduce the errors caused by human interference and save human resources and equipment resources.
If by manual operate: inefficiency, human errors, unable to respond quickly, worker labor intensity, especially in dangerous environment, the use of I-SO intelligent AGV, will solve all the above problems.

2. To achieve full automation, intelligent dispatch and optimized management, I-SO intelligent AGV system can perfectly realize the integration of material allocation, inspection, sending and receiving materials and transportation in the production process.
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