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Application of AGV in Production and processing Industry

Release day:2019-03-13
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  Bellowing we will show you the most common application process of latent traction AGV(Lurking towing AGV) in manufacturing industry: latent traction AGV lurking to the bottom of wheeled shelf, and the traction pin on the top of AGV towing the shelf, to driving the shelf to run and realize unmanned handling. AGV replaces the manual forklift, improves the efficiency of handling and the timeliness of materials supply, ensures the production rhythm, and greatly improves the production efficiency. And a number of AGV trolleys constitute a flexible logistics handling system. Besides, the handling route can be adjusted in time with the adjustment of production process, to realize produce variety type of products in one production line, greatly improving the flexibility of production and the competitiveness of the company.
  In addition, the seamless docking between AGV system and MES/WMS of enterprises can complete information flow and quality control from raw materials to finished products, which improves production efficiency and product quality as well. AGV system docks with WMS system, and then obtains the requirement transmission information of WMS and point. When the supplier delivers the goods to the warehouse according to the purchase order, AGV needs to pick up the goods, where to place the goods in the warehouse after receiving, how to place them, etc. All these information comes from WMS. If the goods need to be put on the shelf, WMS will generate the task queue according to the type and quantity of the goods, and assign the task to the AGV system. The AGV will complete the loading of the goods. WMS issues delivery instructions according to the requirements of production system. After receiving the delivery instructions, the AGV system identifies whether it is the corresponding product through RFID or two-dimensional code system. After confirmation, it sends the goods to the corresponding location. Upper system order information is issued, order information is converted into material information, material is loaded into AGV manually, AGV transports material to the production line to know the work station, AGV retrieves empty material boxes, AGV transports finished products to the finished product warehouse. The AGV system reports the performance data of tasks to the host computer of the upper information management system. Swedish Volvo Kalmar car assembly factory, who uses AGV to reduces assembly time by 20%, assembly failure by 39%, investment recovery time by 57%, and labor force by 5%. It greatly improves the flexibility of production and the competitiveness of enterprises.
  As a high-tech enterprise providing AGV system automation solutions, Mircolomay provides users with intelligent, efficient, stable, safe and high-quality AGV robots and services. Our self-developed AGV trolley is widely used in all kinds of manufacturing enterprises production workshop and e-commerce logistics enterprises for intelligent material handling. With the rapid development of AGV market and the expansion of new application fields, Mircolomayi has continuously optimized the traditional magnetic navigation AGV, on the other hand, explored the development and production of non-reflective laser AGV, and achieved good results, becoming a well-known AGV strength manufacturer in China. The unique advantages of Mircolomay laser AGV have been favored by many Japanese enterprises. It adopts advanced laser guidance without reflective plate, flexible path planning, without any construction and peripheral devices, easy to achieve flexible global deployment, with high precision stop accuracy (+5mm), and the dynamic movement of people and people in the environment has no impact on it.
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