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What is the most popular applications of AGV?

Release day:2019-03-14
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  The development of intelligent industrial manufacturing and industrial automation has brought many incredible new things to people, among which AGV is one of the most obvious new things. At the same time, with the emergence of computer technology and a variety of intelligent hardware and software, AGV research and development technology continues to upgrade and mature, it has also gained more development space. So nowadays, which industries AGV application is the most popular?

First, sorting of logistics companies.
  People engaged in logistics work understand that the most complex in the work, and the most time-consuming work is the sorting of objects. There are many factors that affect the efficiency and time of sorting, such as the quantity, the variety and the number of different delivery places. Fortunately, when AGV came into being, it made it easy to delay labor and time. An Amazon worker said, "We edit AGV's operating system by computer in advance, and select different sorting product types for each AGV. When the control system orders these AGV, AGV will choose the best running route through their own system, find the products and shelves they need, and then complete the shelves. The body moves to the workbench to sort the products. The staff member briefly described the operation mode of the AGV car.
Second, the handling of factories.
  In addition to automatic identification and sorting, material loading and unloading and transportation are also the most skilled "work" of AGV carts. In large factories, there are many materials and products that need a lot of manual repetitive handling. Manual handling alone is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also labor-intensive. It is easy to influence the progress of the next work if there are fewer people to catch up with. The use of AGV carts is much more convenient and efficient, only need to set up A, B, C, D points for AGV carts, they can carry out automated transportation and transportation, saving labor and time while improving the efficiency of handling.
  In addition, in some special environments, such as nuclear material manufacturing, hazardous materials disposal companies, film warehouses, steel plants, etc., AGV handling applications are more prominent and safe. Mircolomay AGV uses intelligent Android system, which can meet the needs of customers in complex and changeable production environment of man-machine integration, multi-platform collaboration, greatly improve the accuracy of storage and handling, and achieve intelligent logistics handling.
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