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AGV Application in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Release day:2019-03-15
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  Mircolomay AGV is the leading supplier of AGV model system and service. We provide all-round AGV application solutions for automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers. AGV solutions are mainly aimed at helping manufacturers change productivity, manufacturing costs and labor intensity of workers. I-SO Intelligent AGV has been worldwide implemented. Several AGV solutions for automotive parts manufacturing have contributed to the sustained and healthy development of the domestic automotive industry. Especially the automotive industry is vigorously developing and innovating independently, which needs a strong spare parts AGV equipment system to play a necessary support.
  75% of a car is manufactured by the automotive parts industry, so AGV system and other industrial robots play an increasingly important role in improving the production efficiency of automotive parts. From tyres to gasoline hoses, from engine units to glass, from steering wheel to plastic parts, industrial robots can be applied to almost all kinds of applications.They are equipped with flexible applications and easy-to-operate control technology, which makes robots easy to planning, integrate, operate and maintain, and can be easily adjusted according to special process requirements.
  Automobile manufacturers can benefit from simple AGV logistics or AGV flexible line solutions by switching the traditional process of automotive parts to an automated process. It can significantly reduce labor costs, improve product quality and make the enterprise's process more flexible.
The high-precision and durable intelligent solutions of Mircolomay AGV can almost be used to standardize the processing of workpieces of various materials. It can take over all kinds of dangerous operations, complete the whole life steps automatically and intelligently integrate a single process unit with high flexibility. Whether it is assembly, surface processing, sorting, measurement, Mircolomay provides agv solutions that can be more economical and fast to complete operations.
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