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How Mircolomay AGV working in consumer goods industry?

Release day:2019-03-19
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The application of I-SO Intelligent AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) in the Manufacturing of Consumer Goods:

  Automation in the consumer goods industry requires not only efficient production of AGV robots, but also low-cost input for manufacturers, both of which are the advantages of I-SO Intelligent AGV. In the production process, no matter the heavy palletizing work, or the fine and packaging work, the intelligent AGV logistics solution of Mircolomay can ensure its efficient, safe and economical completion.
  The automation process is moving forward to make your life more convenient, enjoyable and affordable. Reliable I-SO intelligent AGV is also providing efficient and safe logistics automation solutions for the transformation of consumer goods industry, not only for large-scale equipment, but also for small-scale production mode.
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