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Application of Mircolomay AGV in Distributed Workstation

Release day:2019-03-19
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  [Application of I-SO Intelligent AGV in Distributed Workstation] I-SO Intelligent AGV fully autonomous fleet provides flexible delivery requirements through WIFI interconnection and automatic dispatching system or call device. Through I-SO intelligent AGV rapid response time to meet the requirements of distributed workstation production environment, smaller materials and quantity, more frequent cargo transshipment, I-SO intelligent AG can easily realize material transportation from any random starting point to any random destination, which is the essence of I-SO intelligent AGV optimization lean manufacturing. I-SO intelligent AGV is specially designed for intelligent human-computer interaction, rapid response system "call" requirements, I-SO intelligent AGV working process of material delivery and demand between workstations synchronization. Providing the required quantity accurately and when needed, it is necessary to reduce the stock accumulation of workstation products and optimize the efficiency of manual operation. The value of labor is essentially repositioned. I-SO intelligent AGV provides a real lean manufacturing environment.
  I-SO intelligent AGV robot and artificial intelligence research and development evolution: Our method is to use synchronous positioning and map creation technology, which makes the I-SO intelligent AGV robot in an unknown environment is placed in an unknown path location, and provides an incremental map to automatically calculate its location through the system. I-SO Intelligent AGV freely considers any open path in its environment as a viable path to use for open path navigation from origin to destination. Any location within the boundary of the map becomes a potential I-SO intelligent AGV destination without human intervention. Great flexibility allows I-SO intelligent AGV to automatically adapt to changing related processes or applications.

  Compared with traditional AGV, Mircolomay AGV has the advantage of open path navigation, which ensures that any desired destination path is a feasible choice. The I-SO intelligent AGV system has no scheduled route in the route optimization calculation from point A to point B to destination, but it is still a dynamic vehicle encountering any unexpected obstacles in the process of transportation. It can accurately calculate the shortest path to destination and dynamically change the path when necessary.
  I-SO intelligent AGV fleet through the central command and control system, by WIFI communication coordination traffic management is greatly simplified, but also does not rely entirely on a central control system traffic coordination, through real-time situation through manual mode to transfer vehicles from the system to other levels of operation, because each I-SO intelligent AGV has an independent solution to possible conflicts, and through their work. Mobile "intelligence" in the environment. I-SO intelligent AGV vehicle point-to-point communication solves traffic congestion conflicts independently. For example, if an AGV is parked in a waiting lane, all other vehicles know the vehicles parked in the conflict and freely choose alternative routes to enable them to complete their mission without delay.

  Know more about Mircolomay I-SO AGV:https://www.i-so.com.cn/en/Catalogue/
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