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Magnetic Navigation AGV VS Laser Scene Navigation AGV

Release day:2019-03-25
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  Nowadays, AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) is the best solution to solve various problems about labor and manual work. AGV solution is the simplest and effective way for the company to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs by replacing human handling and realizing automation of internal transportation operations.

  Although magnetic navigation AGV and laser navigation AGV can realize automatic material transportation, laser scene AGV is more precision, flexible and cost-effective, and the return on investment is faster.

Magnetic Navigation AGV with fixed route VS Laser Scene Navigation AGV
  Magnetic navigation AGV needs to be guided by magnetic stripes. When it is installed, magnetic stripes are usually laid on the driving route of AGV. AGV is limited to several fixed routes. If we want to modify the route and increase the route in the later period, we need to lay the magnetic strip again for modifying and increasing the route. However, Magnetic navigation AGV has the advantages of high stability, and low cost.
  By comparison, MIRCOLOMAY laser scene navigation AGV, no need any auxiliary positioning, uses software to map the factory interior or input the factory building drawings in advance to achieve navigation. It is very simple to upload a new map or redraw the map of the laser scene navigation AGV on the spot if the production unit needs to be moved or new production units added. Laser scene navigation AGV can automatically avoiding obstacles, perform various tasks in different locations, and automatically adjust to meet the changing environment and production requirements.
  Laser scene AGV is absolutely superior to magnetic navigation AGV in flexibility, cost-effectiveness, return on investment and productivity optimization. Customization in flexible manufacturing means that products can be manufactured on a production line to meet different needs, so demand has the advantage of rapid refitting and reorganization. Laser scene navigation AGV is particularly important in flexible manufacturing. If the product or production line needs to be changed, MIRCOLOMAY laser AGV can be easily redeployed, so that production optimization can be realized in highly dynamic environment, and it has strong adaptability.

  Anyway, the choice of AGV model and navigation mode depends on the specific needs and applications. Please contact us to learn about the best AGV solution for you:
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