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AGV Replace Traditional Manpower Handling

Release day:2019-03-28
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  In recent years, more and more manufacturing industries have begun to use machines to replace manual. Typically, AGV is used to achieve efficient, fast and flexible production, while reducing the input of human costs.
  For example, the product renewal iteration in the electronic industry is more and more frequent, and the demand for flexibility of production line is also growing. The introduction of AGV mobile robot can flexibly change production tasks without spending a long time and a large amount of money in the change and debugging, which brings efficient and flexible production effect for enterprises. There are a lot of repetitive handling jobs in the traditional electronic manufacturing workshop, which are not only very boring, but also low-income. Manpower handling is also prone to risk of device damage and industrial injury, and the cost of manpower is increasing year by year. With AGV, these boring human transport operations can be accomplished by AGV. AGV can run continuously 7*24 hours, which can ensure the high-intensity production and transportation needs of the workshop and free workers from it.
  If the manufacturer handed the goods to the AGV robot, it would save a lot of labor for the manufacturer. The original tens of thousands of factories, investing hundreds of AGV handling robots, can reduce personnel to hundreds of people at once, such man-machine collocation can maximize labor costs and improve logistics efficiency. AGV robot eliminates the traditional manual forklift truck and manual transportation, which not only reduces the cost of labor, greatly alleviates the pressure of personnel, but also improves the production efficiency and reduces the occurrence of accidents.
  In the automotive, hardware, printing, paper and other industries, the handling belongs to the type of super-large and overweight, the logistics volume is busy and the material storage and processing area has a certain distance. AGV products with large tonnage, medium and low speed should be used when it does not affect workers' activities and other equipment operation lines, and can transport materials easily and safely. So in food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, electronic manufacturing and other industries, we should use small tonnage and high speed AGV products, and combine a large number of dispersed material box manufacturing equipment organically.

  MIRCOLOMAY laser AGV uses advanced laser scene navigation mode, does not need to lay magnetic strip, reflector and other fixed devices, is not restricted by site, road and space, and achieves maximum application, so it has been widely praised in manufacturing plants.
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