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Material loading and unloading by AGV

Release day:2019-04-10
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  Material loading and unloading is a high frequency, time-consuming and costly operation in the process of logistics/transportation. AGV conveying system has become the production logistics solution of many automation enterprises with high automation, safety, reliability and flexibility. AGV conveying system plays a positive role in improving work efficiency and enterprise management level.
  AGV conveying system consists of AGV trolley, AGV control system, AGV charging system and other auxiliary equipment. AGV control system is mainly composed of AGV management and monitoring computer, NT, CWay, AGV automatic scheduling software, wireless AP, integrated wiring and so on. AGV management and monitoring computer communicates with warehouse logistics management system computer through industrial Ethernet network. AGV management and monitoring computer communicates with AGV through WLAN.

  AGV safety system: When the obstacle enters the deceleration area, AGV slows down at a predetermined speed; when the obstacle enters the stop area,  AGV stops immediately. AGV has the function of obstacle detection within 0 ~ 4m. The scope and shape of the monitoring area of the deceleration and stop area can be flexibly changed by the software according to the actual requirements. Usually the deceleration distance is 2 meters and the stop distance is 1 meter.


  Contact safety rings can protect the staffs, AGV vehicles and other machinery and equipment at utmost. The front head of AGV is equipped with contact safety ring as secondary safety protection device. In case of failure of obstacle detection function or lower obstacle, the micro switch built in the safety ring will immediately trigger the AGV emergency stop. AGV is allowed to continue operation only after the contact safety ring is released and the failure is eliminated.
Alarm and reminder device status reminder: When AGV in the automatic operation state , the display light is on; When AGV in the manual operation state , the display light is off.
Running Tips: The alarm device of AGV make corresponding sound and light tips during operation and cargo operation.
Back prompt: AGV car in the backing state when the sound and light prompt information.
Abnormal parking alarm: When the AGV car stops abnormally, the alarm lights on and the alarm gives out alarm information.
Left-turn and right-turn lights: used to show the left-turn and right-turn direction of AGV car.
Sound and light warning: AGV has Sound and light warning when driving at close range and passing through the door.
Emergency stop:AGV has an emergency stop button on the body.
The emergency stop button is located on the body of AGV for easy identification and operation. After emergency stop, the operator releases the emergency stop button after resolving the abnormal situation, indicating that the failure of the AGV car has been removed and the AGV car can then start and run.

AGV conveying system flow: www.i-so.com.cn/en/News/243.html
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