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AGV--An Effective Way for Enterprises to Reduce Labor Cost

Release day:2019-04-12
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  The high labor cost is a problem that most enterprises are facing at present. How to reduce the cost? AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) automatic carry and transportation instead of manual handling is an effective way for enterprises to reduce labor costs.
  The use of AGV carts for material handling in factories has brought considerable benefits. For example, in the automobile manufacturing industry, the use of AGV in the assembly line of engine sub-assembly, rear axle sub-assembly and variable box sub-assembly not only achieves the function of automatic transmission, but also adjusts the attitude adjustment of each axis of the assembly according to the assembly process of each process, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity and difficulty. The use of AGV in engine box distribution, dashboard distribution and small spare parts distribution can deliver the required materials to the required assembly station in time and accurately on the assembly line. AGV does not need human driving and effectively reduces the labor cost.
  In addition, in other industries such as machinery, electronics, chemical industry, paper-making, household appliances, medicine, food, etc., AGV also has many new applications: equipping the fixed pallet stretching packaging equipment with AGV, so that manufacturers do not need to use the pallet drive belt, which reduces the costs of enterprises and the loss of products or transportation caused by human errors, also increases the safety. Besides, AGV has also been widely used in the complicated electrical warehouse. In the electrical warehouse picking center, AGV achieves the delivery of goods to deliveryman, thus saving labor costs, improving the utilization rate of warehouse and reducing the error rate of sorting goods.

  Generally, in large-scale production, 1 AGV robot can replace 2 to 4 industrial workers, depending on the specific situation of the enterprise; AGV robot will not be fatigued, 24 hours x 7day can be continuously moved. In terms of personnel costs, the human resources have been saved to the greatest extent, and the problem of high labor costs in enterprises has been solved.
  The use of AGV for material handling can reduce work-related injuries, especially when dealing with heavy load cargo, easy to cause damage to workers. These tasks are replaced by automated guided vehicles, which can well avoid potential accidents or accidents, thus ensuring the safety of production process.

  With MIRCOLOMAY laser navigation AGV, the return on investment will be further improved, and the cost can be recovered in less than a year. The reason is that there is no need to lay guide track and magnetic strips in the deployment of MIRCOLOMAY laser trackless AGV, which will not cause costly production interruption. The working efficiency of laser navigation AGV is 2-3 times as high as that of the magnetic navigation AGV car. At the same time, it is almost zero maintenance cost, which further reduces the cost of enterprises. At present, many large-scale factories will choose laser AGV to realize logistics automation, in order to meet the changing environment and production requirements in flexible production.
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