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SLAM Technology for Laser AGV Autonomous Movement

Release day:2019-04-12
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  Laser AGV trolleys without any auxiliary facilities have gradually become the mainstream. The storage AGV robots of large e-commerce businesses such as Ali use this type of AGV robots. SLAM laser AGV determines its location according to the established map, and then carries out path planning according to the task requirements to carry goods. Next Mircolomay will introduce the key SLAM technology of laser AGV autonomous move.
  SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) is a technology for AGV mobile robots to create maps in completely unknown environments under the condition of uncertain position, and to use maps for autonomous positioning and navigation. SLAM has become the preferred advanced navigation mode for many AGV manufacturers. However, there are not many AGV companies in China who master the SLAM algorithm. MIRCOLOMAY is one of them. We believes that with the maturity of the algorithm and the reduction of hardware cost, SLAM will undoubtedly become the mainstream navigation mode of AGV in the future.
  We think that make AGV move independently, mainly solve the three problems of positioning, planning path, navigation. SLAM technology basically solves the problem of AGV walking freely.
  SLAM Navigation technology can make mobile robots locate themselves according to their sensors and perception of the surrounding environment in the process of motion without the information of the surrounding environment. At the same time, it can incrementally construct the surrounding environment map. SLAM navigation can improve the autonomy and environmental adaptability of mobile robots, and realize autonomous positioning and navigation in unknown environments. Now SLAM is used in AGV robot. It do not lay any track in advance. It is convenient to upgrade the production line and change the navigation route. It can automatic avoid obstacles in real time. It has strong adaptability to the environment. It can better realize the coordinated control of multiple AGV car.
  SLAM mainly relies on lidar and camera to perceive environmental information. The AGV car of lidar can be positioned and mapped independently. It has high measurement accuracy, long measurement distance and not easily disturbed by external environment. It's the most suitable method for SLAM positioning and mapping. SLAM with lidar as the main sensor can learn from path planning in map and scene application mode, cruise autonomously according to the established learning path and working mode command. The collision avoidance function of lidar is used to realize the intelligent multi-level obstacle avoidance protection in the course of motion, and the control technology of driving wheel and AGV body keeping stable motion under different axles is realized.
  Mircolomay laser scene navigation AGV uses SLAM positioning technology (real-time positioning and map generation) to realize AGV path map. It does not need any AGV motion form with the highest construction flexibility, and can easily achieve flexible global deployment. Mircolomay optimizes its repetitive operation to achieve a precision of 5 mm through a variety of fusion calculations. The dynamic moving people and people in the environment have no impact on it. According to the feedback from the market of Mircolomay laser AGV, customers are very satisfied with the application of this laser AGV and have obtained many customers' repurchases.

  Know more about Mircolomay SLAM laser AGV: https://www.i-so.com.cn/en/LaserAgv/
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