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AGV Automatic Handling and Information Transfer

Release day:2019-04-17
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  Nowadays, AGV has been widely used in manufacturing and logistics industry. It not only improves the production efficiency, but also greatly improves the safety of production logistics activities. At present, AGV is mainly used in automated logistics handling, large-scale warehousing and distribution and logistics scenarios in factories are the most widely used. Compared with the traditional forklift truck, AGV does not need human driving, effectively reduces human resources, can be used in narrow and harsh environment, saves enterprise space resources, can run 24 hours, to improves enterprise efficiency.
  How do AGV carry out automated logistics? How do information and data transfer? Here MIRCOLOMAY shares these two issues to let you know more about AGV.
  The flexible production line of AGV mainly realizes the automation of material handling and transportation. The 24-hour uninterrupted operation fully meets the requirements of long working time, large handling capacity, complex handling lines and high flexibility in manufacturing logistics activities. The main working flow of AGV in flexible production line is as follows:
  A workstation on the flexible production line puts forward specific requirements for storage to the system, including the name and quantity of spare parts. After the system responds, the host computer sends instructions to the AGV through wireless network to notify the AGV robot clearly to carry materials to the corresponding warehouse. When the AGV receives the cargo handling instructions, the controller calculates, plans and analyses the current position and direction of the AGV according to the stored operation map, chooses the best driving route, automatically controls the driving and steering of the AGV car, and completes the loading process after arriving at the corresponding warehouse where the cargo is loaded accurately. Then the AGV car starts and drives to the loading point of the station. After accurate parking, the loading mechanism moves, completes the loading process, and reports its position and status to the host computer. The host computer updates the database according to the current status.
  Vehicle on-board control system and ground control system provide guarantee for AGV trolley to replace manual handling work in an all-round way. Accurate, safe and intelligent cargo handling, automatic loading and unloading are realized. Among them, the vehicle control system is responsible for the navigation, guidance, route selection, vehicle driving, loading and unloading operation and charging of AGV single machine; the ground control system centralizes the control and management of multiple AGV in factories or warehouses, including task allocation, vehicle management, etc. In addition, AGV achieves data transmission through wireless network and access control controller, elevator controller, calling box and other external devices, realizes real-time monitoring and management of status information of AGV and various controllers, and ensures the stable and orderly operation of the entire transport system. At the same time, it supports the connection with PC server, realizes the real-time monitoring system of mobile phone terminal and tablet terminal through network, and seamlessly connects with large data platform on PC server.
  AGV plays an irreplaceable role in the flexible production line, which greatly improves the logistics efficiency and automation between the automatic warehouse and the production workshop, workstations and the various sections of the transmission line. Compared with traditional conveyor rollers or conveyor belts, AGV conveyor route has the advantages of simple construction, flexible path, no space occupation, better mobility and flexibility. MIRCOLOMAY AGV can reduce the labor cost of enterprises, return capital in one year, increase the efficiency of enterprises, and improve the overall level of automation of enterprises.

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