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SLAM Laser AGV --the Best Choice for Intelligent Storage

Release day:2019-04-22
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  With the development of Online retailers, it has established large-scale intelligent logistics warehousing in different areas, among which AGV has become a necessary equipment for modern intelligent logistics warehousing. In intelligent warehousing, AGV robots carry shelves to realize automatic sorting and handling in warehouse. From the original "people go to goods" to the present "goods go to people", the efficiency of warehouse operation is greatly improved, the labor cost is reduced, and the failure rate of warehousing operation is reduced.
  Intelligent storage AGV robots usually do not use magnetic navigation AGV, but choose more advanced navigation methods, such as laser navigation, SLAM navigation, etc., especially SLAM navigation has been widely used in recent two years. The reason is that SLAM laser navigation AGV can achieve complete trackless, path free walking, greatly improving the flexibility of storage robots, and support multiple AGV cooperation operation, path planning, autonomous navigation, without manual intervention, complete automatic sorting/handling/sorting warehouse operations.
  SLAM navigation, SLAM is simultaneous localization and mapping. It means that in an unknown environment, the robot positioning itself through its own internal sensors (encoder, IMU, etc.) and external sensors (laser sensor or visual sensor), and on the basis of positioning, the environment map is constructed incrementally by using the environmental information obtained by external sensors. Mircolomay laser AGV is also developed based on SLAM technology, and then optimized by a variety of fusion calculations to achieve a repetitive accuracy of 5 mm, without any impact on the dynamic movement of people and objects in the environment.

  The main advantages of Mircolomay laser navigation AGV lie in the accurate positioning, flexible and changeable driving paths, adaptable to a variety of on-site environments, and the software can be used to modify the driving route at any time, so the construction is more simple and convenient. This laser navigation AGV with the highest accuracy, the strongest stability and the greatest flexibility will be the best choice for intelligent storage.

  In addition, we think that intelligent warehousing needs not only advanced equipment such as AGV, but also the support of the Internet of Things. Because the modern warehousing system not only has complex items, different shapes and different performance, but also has complex workflow, which includes storage, movement, sorting and combination. In the application of Internet of Things technology in intelligent warehouse management system, AGVS will be organically combined with warehouse management system to form a unified and coordinated intelligent warehouse.

Know more about SLAM Laser AGV: https://www.i-so.com.cn/en/LaserAgv/
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