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Laser Forklift AGV to replace Forklift truck

Release day:2019-05-14
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  Forklift trucks are widely used in factory workshops, warehouses, circulation centers and distribution centers. They are indispensable equipment in pallet transportation and container transportation. With the development of science and technology, forklift trucks that need to be driven by workers are gradually replaced by laser forklift AGV without manual work.
  With the rising labor costs and the difficulty of recruitment, the pressure of enterprises is increasing. In this environment, it is a trend to reduce labor by robotic automation. Under such a trend, many manufacturing industries do not need forklift trucks now. AGV laser forklift truck is used to realize automatic handling, which has achieved the goal of reducing the labor intensity of workers, improving efficiency and saving costs.
  Traditional forklift trucks depend heavily on the operation level and experience of workers, while laser forklift AGV does not need manual participation. Under the computer monitoring, according to the path planning and operation requirements, it automatically and accurately completes all kinds of handling operations and realizes the unmanned material handling. Laser forklift AGV replaces the traditional forklift manual transportation, saves manpower, improves the reliability of the transportation process and realizes the traceability of the production process without large-scale investment.
Laser forklift AGV is completely driverless. It can access the goods on the shelf independently. It can shuttle between the shelves flexibly and accurately. It can pick up, carry and stack the goods at one go. Compared with traditional forklift truck, laser forklift AGV can save half the width of warehouse roadway and increase the working efficiency by 2-3 times. In addition, laser forklift AGV can solve the problem that traditional forklift trucks are difficult to work in bad weather and dangerous environment, and can reduce exhaust gas and noise, so it has been favored by more and more manufacturing industries.

  In the process of enterprise automation and intelligent upgrade, the laser forklift AGV which is intelligent, flexible, low cost, high efficiency and safe operation is bound to be widely used, replacing the traditional forklift, it shows that the market prospect of laser forklift AGV is very huge.

  As for the laser forklift AGV manufacturer, MIRCOLOMAY is the first high-tech enterprise to independently develop trackless navigation technology in China. We have core autonomous control and location algorithm. The advantages of our laser forklift AGV trolley are obvious. It really realizes the navigation without any external auxiliary signs, making the laser forklift AGV an independent autonomous robot and eliminating the difficulty of magnetic navigation AGV. The biggest obstacle to flexible use, and the use of a variety of fusion optimization, so that its repetitive operation to achieve a precision of 5 mm, the dynamic movement of the environment of people and objects have no impact on it.
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