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Laser forklift AGV for pallets transport

Release day:2019-06-10
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The improvement of factory automation can greatly improve production efficiency, and put forward higher requirements for production logistics. Therefore, the automation of production logistics has received unprecedented attention. For decades, most manufacturing factories have been using manual driving forklift trucks to transport various materials. Driving forklift trucks for handling work, because of its low technical content, strong replaceability and strong repeatability, often makes people feel tired, resulting in greater mobility and low efficiency.

Although necessary training and certification improve the safety of forklift operation, there are still many accidents. According to statistics, 100 workers are killed and 20,000 seriously injured in forklift-related accidents in the United States every year. Therefore, intelligence has gradually become the development trend of forklift industry, and the emergence of AGV, which can realize material handling without driving, may replace the traditional forklift.

On April 28, at Mircolomay’s new product launch, we presented a special competition data. It's about the competition between the new XK-1000 laser forklift AGV and the experienced and licensed forklift driver and their ordinary forklift. On the same shelf, the AGV of the XK-1000 laser forklift truck completed nine trips in 5 minutes, while the manual forklift truck only completed three trips in 5 minutes. It can be seen that the efficiency of the AGV of the laser forklift truck is three times that of the forklift truck.

This laser forklift AGV changes the operation mode of traditional warehouse, which is not only reflected in the reduction of speed, cost and efficiency, but also in accuracy, standardization and safety, which are superior to traditional forklift manual. Compared with the traditional manual operation of forklift trucks, Mircolomay laser forklift AGV can locate goods more accurately, calculate the fastest warehouse entry and exit paths, improve the efficiency of warehouse operation, thereby increasing revenue, and even offset the rising total cost caused by the rising rent.

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