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AGV Goods-To-Person Sorting System

Release day:2019-06-17
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  In an era of efficiency, the speed at which goods reach customers is critical to customer satisfaction for e-commerce. In the whole process of order processing, picking occupies more than 50% of the time, so the efficient AGV picking system has become the best solution to improve the efficiency of order processing. In recent years, AGV picking system for goods to person has been widely used in Ali, Amazon and other major e-commerce.
  AGV picking system for goods to people has been more and more widely used in distribution centers. The following is the design of AGV picking system. It is usually composed of unit shelf, AGV cart, picking table and turnover structure.
  (1) Unit Shelf
In the use of AGV "goods to people" picking system, the shelves used are low-rise, usually 4-10 storeys; and are independent, AGV car can carry one shelf by one, we call it unit shelf. In the warehouse, there are many such shelves arranged in a neat row. After receiving the order, the AGV cart will carry the shelf where the items in the order are located to the picking table. There are multiple storage spaces on each individual shelf. The number of storage spaces is determined by the space occupied by the items, which is not fixed.

  (2) AGV car
In the distribution center, many AGV carts carry out large-scale sorting of goods, and the sorting operation of AGV can be basically unmanned. AGV traveling route and speed are controlled by AGV system. When receiving the sorting task, AGV assigned by AGV system automatically lifts the shelf where the order goods are located and carries them to the sorting table. According to the order information, the staff will take down the goods at the designated location. After the task is completed, they will stop or charge at the designated location. Distribution centers can be equipped with a certain number of AGV cars according to the daily workload.

  (3) Picking table
The picking table is a fixed place to complete the picking task. The picking personnel stand at the picking table and wait for the AGV cart to move the shelves to this place. The picking personnel will pick out the items they need. When all the picking stations are busy, the new AGV car can only enter the queue and wait.

  (4) Turnover Shelf
The revolving shelf here is the same shelf as the shelf mentioned in (1), but its function is different. (1) The shelves mentioned in this article are located in the storage area, where items are placed, and are transported by AGV trolley to the picking desk for picking when necessary. The swing rack is parked behind the picking table. When the pickers select the items they need, they place them in different storage spaces of the swing rack according to the different orders. When the storage space of the swing rack is fully occupied, the AGV cart will carry the full swing rack to the lower - lane packaging process according to the order. (I) and (4) The shelves can be mixed to meet the requirements. Their respective needs will be enough.
  Compared with traditional sorting system, AGV picking system has very low sorting error rate. And when the AGV cargo fails in one link of the picking system, it only needs to be unloaded and repaired, and the other parts can continue to work. MIRCOLOMAY, as a well-known AGV R&D, production and integration enterprise in China, has accumulated rich experience in the project of goods-to-person unmanned sorting system. At present, the picking system of Mircolomay AGV goods-to-person has been applied in many large sorting centers.
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