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How does AGV work in Automated Stereoscopic Warehousing?

Release day:2019-06-17
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  A series of intelligent equipments such as stacker, robot hand, intelligent AGV robot and RFID access control are usually equipped in the Electronic Commerce Automated Stereoscopic Warehousing. How does AGV work in the Electronic Commerce Automated Stereoscopic Warehousing?
  First of all, let's understand what is Automated Stereoscopic Warehousing. With the gradual rise of human cost, the logistics cost of e-commerce is getting higher and higher, resulting in thinner profits. Therefore, many e-commerce enterprises began to establish automatic three-dimensional warehousing, improve warehousing efficiency and reduce labor costs. According to Mircolomay, E-commerce automated three-dimensional warehousing can save manpower costs to one third of the original warehousing needs, increase efficiency by 30%, increase warehousing utilization rate by 2-3 times, and send and receive goods accurately by .
  Secondly, how does AGV work in commercial automated three-dimensional warehousing? AGV machine will start the shelf, and has the function of automatic obstacle avoidance. It can automatically complete the loading of various goods in the warehouse, and the efficiency is three times as high as the manual efficiency. Subsequently, the AGV robot will pass the RFID access control (RFID, radio frequency identification). Workers can read the material box information from a long distance, know the type of material in each bin, downstream customers, storage location, and so on, so as to realize the "interconnection and interoperability" of goods information. When the AGV robot arrives near the robot hand, the robot hand receives instructions, accurately locates, and dismantles, stacks and picks the goods. The accuracy rate reaches .
  Finally, what should we pay attention to when choosing AGV? At present, laser scene navigation AGV can carry out autonomous navigation in complex environments, and its movement is very flexible and simple. It can effectively realize the application and demand of intelligent logistics in e-commerce. Dispatching system, a highly compatible dispatching system can quickly dock with other systems of e-commerce, receive the instructions issued by the system independently, and complete the handling and sorting work independently.
  E-commerce enterprises use AGV automated three-dimensional warehousing, to achieve "goods to find people", customers can order shipment for 3 hours to finalize. In the application field of AGV, as a well-known AGV manufacturer in China, Mircolomay has independently developed and manufactured AGV, which has been verified by the market for many years, and has also won the trust of many enterprises.
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