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Industrial 4.0 changed traditional industry

Release day:2018-12-12
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  Industry 4.0 has changed the traditional industrial production process, put forward standardization and modularization requirements for products, and provided more profit opportunities for manufacturing industry. Mircolomay also follows the footsteps of the times, and products that are dominated by intelligent manufacturing: such as magnetic navigation AGV, laser navigation AGV, service robots have been put into the market and succeeded, providing a new experience with personalized, humanized, networked, intelligent for users.

  The industrial revolution first started in Germany, and Germany defined it as "Industry 4.0." “Industry 4.0” will completely subvert the production methods and business models of traditional manufacturing.

  Among them, the key technology of Mircolomay: Central Control System (AGV Dispatching System) realizes data sharing and docking with WMS system and ERP system, realizes optimized order execution, intelligently analyzes material conditions, accurately manages inventory, and intelligently dispatches AGV.

  The arrival of the intelligent era, the combination of the Internet of Things and the service of the Internet, the combination of the virtual world and the real world, the connection of people, things and information. The Mircolomay AGV has liberated people's hands and brought more intelligent products to the transportation industry such as factories and logistics, hospitals, laboratories and clubs.

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