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AGV Application of Cold storage

Release day:2018-12-12
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  Refrigerator is a new field of AGV car application. Cold chain logistics has always been favored, but it is accompanied by the high cost of cold chain, which has become the biggest resistance to the development of cold chain industry.

  In the cold storage environment, the AGV car replaces the man-driven material handling equipment to work continuously for a long time. It can reduce the labor cost, ensure the safety of the staff, avoid the misfortune caused by the cold storage accident, and eliminate the artificial dislocation.

  Recently, 10 AGV trolleys have been introduced into a cold storage. These 10 AGVs move about 1000 pallets every day in the refrigerator and achieve the goal of handling 8000 pallets in 24 hours.

  We have learned these 5 AGVs are the type of laser navigation technology. And build up maps to guiding and positioning automatically without any external auxiliary signs. The accuracy of laser AGV material location is about 5mm and automatic charging. When the AGV is low power, it will automatically run to the buffer area of the cold storage to charging automatically, and the move back to the cold storage and continue to work.

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