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RedEye mobile monitoring service robot

Release day:2019-03-07
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  RedEye is the first meaningful mobile monitoring service robot from China which designed by MircoLomay mainly for special industries such as airport, prison, biochemical laboratory and some other secret place, it’s an intelligent wheeled robot with fully autonomous moving. It can identify the location of access, elevator and room; navigating by set up virtual electronic map and avoiding obstacle automatically.

  RedEye can be directly monitored according to the setting of patrol paths, to reduce fixed camera blind spot and installation quantity. Also the specific personnel can be efficiently screened according to the face recognition system.

  RedEye is ready to use out of box and does not require any construction and peripheral equipment. It adopts Windows intelligent interactive system, which allows users to operate easily without training, and is designed with open ports and third-party commands for easy integration.

  The load capacity is 40KG and the fastest speed is 150m/min and the positioning accuracy is 5mm. It also provides many optional user-friendly features such as all-day mobile surveillance camera, early warning of combustible gas leak and smoke fire. In the future we will launch more advanced software system.


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