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Qilun-150 Hotel Service Robot

Release day:2019-03-07
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  Qilun-150 is the first meaningful service robot in China which specially designed for the service industry such as hotel etc, it is a completely autonomous mobile intelligent wheeled robot housekeeper. It can automatically learn all aisles, elevators and guest room positions in the hotel, using optical scanning to automatically build virtual electronic map for navigation, determine the road, and can automatically avoid people and obstacles. It guides the guests and introduce the hotel by voice when guests enter the hotel, when guests call the reception desk for service, the staff can input info to Qilun-150 so that it can provide guests with the required goods or services. It can call for an elevator via wireless technology and then go to a specific floor without touching the elevator’s control panel. Qilun-150 is suitable for restaurants, hotels and places like nursing homes.

  The Qilun-150 is ready to use out of box and does not require any construction and peripheral equipment. Compare to the catering robot on the market, it doesn’t need to stick magnetic strip and other positioning devices like a spider on the ground, it has no exposed delivery plate and other safety hazards, is a completely subversion to the domestic retarded toy robot. It is China’s first true service robot, it adopts Windows10 intelligent interactive system (Mircolomay industrial robot adopts Android interactive system), which allows hotel staffs to operate easily without training, and is designed with open ports and third-party commands for easy application development.

  Qilun-150’s is designed with max load of 150KG, max speed 200m/minute, and max positioning accuracy 5mm. It also provides many optional user-friendly features such as all-weather mobile surveillance camera, combustible gas leakage warning, smoke fire warning etc, we will also launch luggage handling guidance robot at the same time.

Qilun-150 Hotel Service Robot

Guide Method

    Laser navigation (Trackless navigation)

Driving Method

    Integrated differential drive

Load Capacity


Product Size


Driving Speed

    150m/min (Stepless speed)

Minimum Turning Radius

    0mm (pivot steering)

Stop Accuracy


Continuous Working Hours

    >48 hours (Intelligent automatic charging)

Safety Feature

    Mechanical anti-collision & Photoelectric anti-collision
Barrier sensor & Emergency switch (Automatic collision avoidance, Automatic path finding)


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