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M-51 Laser Navigation Catering Robot

Release day:2019-03-07
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  The M-51 is a catering robot which specially designed for the service industry such as restaurant, hotel, club etc. It is an autonomous mobile intelligent wheeled robot, which completely overturns the traditional rigid magnetic navigation robot, and can quickly adapt to the layout change of the restaurant and adjust the delivery path. The operator can easily access service functions of welcoming guests, payment, ordering food, delivering food and so on through the screen on the upper part of M-51, so as to avoid the guests from standing in line for a long time to order, wait for meal and pay the bill etc., which highly improves the service quality.

  The M-51 can navigate, charge and avoid barrier autonomously. The food is placed inside of M-51, and guests can collect the meal through voice, gesture and screen operation. Large space and humanized cabin door makes it comparable with human attendants to make food delivery more convenient, and saves lots of labor forces for the catering industry. Furthermore, it adopts Windows10 intelligent interactive system and supports multi-language.

  Mircolomay’s catering robot is not only aimed at creating economic value, but also create a harmonious, safe, hygienic and healthy service environment for the catering industry.

M-51 Laser Navigation Catering Robot

Guide Method

    Laser navigation (Trackless navigation)

Driving Method

    Integrated differential drive

Load Capacity


Product Size

    680*550*1300mm (Height adjustable)

Driving Speed

    30m/min (Stepless speed)

Minimum Turning Radius

    0mm (pivot steering)

Stop Accuracy


Continuous Working Hours

    >48 hours (Intelligent automatic charging)

Safety Features

    Mechanical anti-collision & Photoelectric anti-collision Barrier sensor & Emergency switch (Automatic collision avoidance, Automatic path finding)


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