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What is AGV and how it work?

Release day:2019-07-30
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What is AGV?
AGV means Automated Guided Vehicle,the autonomous vehicle for material handling.AGV are mainly used in industrial applications to transport heavy materials around a large industrial building, such as factories or warehouse.
AGV is the key equipment of automated logistics transportation system and flexible production system. It is also a necessary tool for automation and intellectualization of logistics warehouse. It is often used in various automated transportation operations. Or be used as a link between automatic shelf area and electronic label picking area.
What are the navigation modes of AGV?
The most common AGV navigation include Laser navigation, Magnetic navigation, Natural navigation ,Optical Navigation, Vision Navigation and inertial navigation etc.
So how to choose the navigation mode? You can choose the most suitable navigation mode according to your practical application, needs, site environment and economic factors.MIRCOLOMAY will also provide you with the most efficient solution and the most suitable navigation mode according to your actual project.
What are the types of AGV?
Laser Guided AGV
Magnetic Guided AGV
Unit Load AGV
Lifting AGV
Towing AGV
Tugger AGV
Forked AGV(Forklift AGV)
What are the advantages of AGV?
AGV brings efficiency and a high return on investment,increasing efficiency and reducing costs.Help enterprise to solve the heavy load materials handling.
AGVs are important and very helpful to operators in various industries:
manufacturing and production assembly,  electronic manufacturing,automobile,hardware,logistics,food and pharmacy,plastics and metal and goods packaging. Within these industries, manufacturers use AGVs to improve work flow and lower costs.
Material handling AGV, automatic guided carts and transfer carts are used to replace repetitive manual labor jobs, and they are significantly reduce labor costs.
Now AGV is becoming more and more popular throughout manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers.
About Us
Shenzhen Mircolomay Technology Co.,Ltd. is a leading AGV manufacturer from China, with strong R&D technology team and excellent experience in provide AGV solution for customers.We develop, design, produce and distribute AGV vehicle and carts and systems for: dragging trolleys,transporting all type of materials and goods.
Until now,MIRCOLOMAY have successfully completed hundreds of automation projects. Mircolomay automatic guided vehicles facilitate automated parts movement to support lean manufacturing.
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