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How does AGV improve assembly efficiency?

Release day:2019-07-30
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  The traditional material supply mode of manual forklift truck in manufacturing industry is easy to cause such problems as confusion of material management in workshop, low distribution efficiency and accumulation of problems on site, which seriously affects the efficiency of finished products and the smooth flow of logistics. AGV material delivery system can realize the timely delivery of materials, and become an effective solution to improve the logistics field management and assembly efficiency of manufacturing industry.
  Taking the application of AGV in the assembly of automobile engine and rear axle as an example, Mircolomay describes how the material transportation system of AGV ensures the timely supply of various materials, realizes the smooth assembly process and improves the efficiency of production and assembly.
  Assembly is the key link of production and also the most cost-consuming link. Continuous assembly mode is adopted in the operation assembly of automobile assembly workshop. AGV can be used not only as an unmanned automatic vehicle, but also as a movable assembly platform. It can be used for lifting and assembling of engine and rear axle, which can realize modular assembly of components and precise assembly with line body in rhythm.
  Engine and rear axle combined AGV is the key equipment to realize assembly automation in automobile assembly line. Because of the heavy weight, large volume and complex shape of engine and rear axle, it is necessary to locate and assemble the engine and rear axle assembly station set in the automobile assembly automation production line with the vehicle body conveyed on the car. That is to say, the vehicle body conveyed by AGV and car must be tracked in real time, and the positioning precision in dynamic progress must be ensured. AGV has certain bearing capacity, lifting capacity, operational flexibility and reliable safety protection measures. In the assembling of automobile engine and rear axle, AGV can run in all directions and load power, rear axle and drive axle at the same time; front and rear lifting can synchronize lift function; It is suitable for the chassis closure of large size vehicles and vehicles with special technological requirements. The application of AGV in automobile engine and rear axle assembly has completely changed the traditional assembly mode of automobile industry, reduced the production cost of automobile assembly and the labor intensity of workers, made automobile assembly more economical and fast. It is an good choice for automobile intelligent assembly.
  The application of AGV in automobile engine and rear axle assembly production has important value, as follows:
(1) Improve the efficiency of automobile assembly, shorten the automobile production cycle, and realize the rapid delivery of automobiles.
(2) Reduce the intervention of manual factors in automobile production process, improve the automobile assembly accuracy and automation, ensure the consistency of product assembly quality, and improve the reliability of automobile delivery.
(3) AGV can not only improve product quality and output, but also improve production efficiency, save material consumption and reduce production costs.
(4) It saves labor and manufacturing costs, enhances production flexibility and enterprise competitiveness. In addition, it plays a very important role in ensuring personal safety, improving the working environment and reducing the intensity of labor.
  With the continuous development of AGV technology, the intelligent level and motion accuracy of AGV are gradually improved, which promotes the realization of advanced flexible production line and automated logistics system, thus greatly improving the degree of production automation and production efficiency.
  Compared with similar products, the prominent features of Mircolomay laser navigation AGVs  are trackless navigation, friendly operation interface, high positioning accuracy, simple and efficient configuration and so on. The laser navigation AGV can easily realize flexible production without any auxiliary positioning, which is more in line with the requirements of industrial 4.0.
  Laser AGV touch screen operation interface is the unique configuration of the same grade products in the market. Through the touch screen, users can not only directly know the AGV's travel area, destination, residual power and system operation status, but also conveniently set the destination and configure vehicle equipment parameters. Mircolomay laser AGV system realizes automatic feeding, automatic distribution, accurate arrival, and improves the efficiency of work order distribution; flexible production mode can flexibly adjust production capacity, according to the needs of rapid production process switching, greatly improving the degree of automation of production assembly and transportation.

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