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Magnetic Tape AGV
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HY-500(500KG) Lift Type Magnetic navigation AGV

Release day:2020-05-09
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  HY-500 is a top lift unmanned vehicle which designed by MircoLomay mainly for factory and logistics transportation.

  The driving method of HY-500 AGV is integrated differential driving,it has high efficient motion control system and lifting platform to make it move easily without fixture.We used the magnetic tape guidance method and two-way driving to realize its high precision positioning and make the distribution more flexible and convenient. You can customize site name through the intelligent control system of HY-500 and operate easily on the simple interface.

Product Parameter

Guide Method

    Magnetic tape guidance(RFID site control)

Driving Method

    Integrated differential driving

Load Capacity

    500KG(Customizable to 1T)



Driving speed

    0-50m/min(Adjustable 3 speed)

Minimum turning radius


Stop accuracy


Continuous working time

    >24 hours

Security feature

    Mechanical anti-collision device; Obstacles sensor;Emergency switch


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