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How can medical robots help to prevent and control virus?

Release day:2020-03-11
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  In the prevention and control of coronavirus, medical resources are very tight. In order to reduce the burden on medical personnel and their safety, many hospitals have begun to use intelligent medical robots. Use intelligent medical robots to complete medicine distribution, deliver meals, and other medical supplies like medical equipment, test specimens, inspection reports, bedding in wards, and transportation of medical waste.

  In preventing viruses, the intelligent medical robots play a very important role. They work flexibly in the quarantine areas of hospitals, delivering meals, medicines, etc. for medical staff and patients. The emergence of intelligent medical robots not only reduces the risk of people being infected, but also improves the efficiency of distribution and saves disposable protective equipment.

  Mircolomay intelligent medical robot has been used in many hospitals to help improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment and avoid cross-infection between medical staff and patients.
  In response to the coronavirus situation, Mircolomay launched a variety of fully-featured intelligent robots such as distribution robots, intelligent medical robots, disinfection robots, and temperature measurement robots based on its own technical advantages, hoping to contribute to epidemic prevention and control through its own capabilities.
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