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AGV introduction about Working Principle and Navigation Mode

Release day:2019-03-18
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  Nowadays, AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) cart has been widely used in the industrial field. It not only solves the first important safety problem in industrial production, but also speeds up the production efficiency. So how does a functional AGV cart work? What is its working principle and navigation mode? Bellowing Mircolomay will help you to know more about AGV.
I. Navigation Method
  There are more than a dozen kinds of AGV’s according to the navigation modes. Here we just briefly talk about two main technologies: Laser Navigation, Magnetic tape navigation and so on. Then what are the principles and characteristics of these navigation modes? The advantages of Magnetic tape guidance are as follows: economical and easy for consumers to install, but the disadvantages are: if there is iron (magnet) in the driving section, the magnetic force of the guide tape will be affected and cannot drive normally; the advantages of laser guidance are: no installation, high accuracy but easy to be affected by the surrounding light intensity, tolerance. Easy be contaminated surface makes induction fail. The advantages of laser guidance are: high positioning accuracy, error is only between positive and negative 1 mm, no other positioning facilities are needed. But the disadvantage is that it is expensive.
II. Working Principle

  The working sequence of AGV trolley is as follows: after receiving the cargo handling instructions, according to the pre-drawn operation map, the current coordinates and the forward direction of AGV, the central controller carries out vector calculation and route analysis, chooses the best driving route, automatically intelligently controls the AGV trolley's driving, turning and steering on the road, arrives at the accurate parking position of loading cargo, and loads the cargo. Then AGV starts to "run" to the target unloading point, stops after arriving at the exact location and completes the unloading, and reports its position and status to the control computer. Then AGV starts to run to the standby area until it receives new instructions and then does the next task.

  Mircolomay AGV aim to give full play to the maximum effect of AGV. As for consumer, you must have a clear understanding of the internal structure and principle of the product. When choosing an AGV with guaranteed quality, we should also have a thorough understanding and use according to the regulations, so as not to damage the safe operation of the AGV.
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