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Mircolomay AGV central dispatching control system

Release day:2019-03-29
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  AGV central dispatching control system is the brain of the whole material handling system. It realizes data interaction with AGV vehicle through wireless network. It is responsible for task allocation, traffic control, system docking and real-time monitoring of AGV vehicle.
  Fixed-point optical communication and wireless local area network communication can be used between central dispatching system and AGV. When using wireless communication mode, the console and AGV constitute a wireless local area communication network, and the console and AGV exchange information under the support of network protocol. Wireless communication should complete AGV scheduling and traffic management.
I. Main functions of AGV central dispatching and control system:
1. Overall monitoring function to monitor the area and status of MIRCOLOMAY AGV on each track.
2. AGV condition monitoring and control AGV current working status, alarm information.
3. Traffic control function, to manage the operation of AGVs, to avoid collision between AGV.
4. Fault recording function to facilitate personnel troubleshooting.
5. Work report analysis, you can see the work of MIRCOLOMAY AGV in the interface and automatically generate reports.
6. Docking with outside, data sharing and data docking.

II. Advantages of AGV central dispatching control system:
1. Based on AGV vehicle management, traffic status and transportation instructions, efficient logistics transportation can be realized.
2. Collect on-site demand information, flexibly and efficiently cooperate with production line , production and material transportation;
3. Display the running state of MIRCOLOMAY AGV and realize the flexible control of the whole system.
4. Collection of AGV running logs, understanding and mastering the overall operation of MIRCOLOMAY AGV, can trace the history of AGV system operation.
Note: With the central control system, the site must have WIFI coverage.

  MIRCOLOMAY AGV central dispatching system can supervise, control and dispatch up to 100 AGVs at the same time. We can know the status, position and working status of each AGV in real time from the system interface. At the same time, we can call the free AGV to assign tasks, AGV fault alarm, traffic control in complex sections, remote upgrade and maintenance of AGV system, etc. Realize AGV start, stop, path planning, site stop, material docking, multi-task download, remote control and other functions for material handling.
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